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A collection of 110 prayers, songs, rituals, and hymns to the deities of Kemet (Ancient Egypt). Translated from hieroglyphic sources by Tamara L. Siuda.


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A collection of 110 traditional and modern prayers, songs, rituals, and hymns to the gods and goddesses of Kemet (Ancient Egypt to its own people). Translated from hieroglyphic sources by Tamara L. Siuda.

"The book you hold in your hands is very special. It is not just a collection of words in translation, of vowels and consonants strung together to sing an ancient song left silent far too long. It is not just the work of a person who is fascinated by the history of a people thousands of miles – and years – away from her, nor just the labor of love of the founder of one particular modern manifestation of their religion, Kemetic Orthodoxy. It is a gift to God, specifically God in Its many forms as known to the people of northeast Africa now called Egyptians, long before the Religions of the Book. The Religion of the Egyptians was also lost...This Egyptian religion, either in parts or the whole, has been foiund again, despite and perhaps even through these barriers, by many people the whole earth 'round, and not only the physical descendants of its original devotees...This book was designed to be used. Don't read it once and put it away....Carry lightly in your heart what you find within. Use it, either as a worshipper or a respectful observer, and let this faith live again, as it once did for thousands of years beside a river in a land not so far away after all."
– from the introduction